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Bath Collection

Our collection of handmade bath products includes handmade artisan bath soap, bath salts, and bath bombs, shower steamers, lotions, and aromatherapy mists.

The handmade artisan bath soap will give you a creamy lather, cleansing your skin, leaving you with an amazing scent.

Luxurious and relaxing, these handmade bath salts moisturize and cleanse the skin while you enjoy the lovely fragrance. They dissolve in your bath and give you a soothing spa experience at home.

Our bath bombs are sure to turn your tub into a comforting, spa retreat. To use, simply drop in warm bath water, watch it fizz, soak yourself, while enjoying the pleasant scent released as it moisturizes your skin.

Our Handmade Cedar Soap Dish is self- draining, essential in keeping your handmade soaps dry and long lasting. Also available, natural loofa and sea sponges.

Our luxurious body lotions will moisturize your skin without leaving it with that greasy feeling.

Enjoy our room and body Aromatherapy Mist. Suggested uses for your room, towels, sheets, pillows, and your body.

Turn your shower into a steamy spa experience with our all-natural Shower Steamers. Each one is packed with essential oils that will enhance your shower experience. As you shower, slowly breathe in the shower steam, relax and enjoy!

Essential Oils & Blends

We offer a wide variety of pure essential oils as well as roll-on essential oil blends.

Men's Collection

Our unique men’s collection includes beard oils, shaving soaps, after-shave, beard & mustache wax, and handmade wooden shaving sets.